Irritating news I'm afraid. I've been updating all of my previous name generators this morning (08/08/2019) with new Ulgu content, and I'd also planned to launch my Daughters of Khaine Generator.

Unfortunately, despite working fine in testing this morning, all of my automated name generators are no longer working. I have no idea why, and I'm working to find a solution to the problem. But in the meantime, there'll be no automated name generators and no new content until everything is fixed.

Sorry for the inconvenience - you can still use the analogue dice-rolly name generators at the bottom of each page in the meantime.

Thanks for sticking with me.

About This Project

On this page you’ll find a compilation of character name generators for Warhammer Age of Sigmar. New name generators are published regularly on my hobby blog, and will have a link added below when they go live.

Every Age of Sigmar faction will eventually be covered, but this is very much a long-term project. So if your favourite faction hasn’t been covered yet, don’t worry - I’ll get to it eventually! You can vote for the next faction to get a name generator by voting in the regular poll shown alongside the newest name generator post.

Newest Name Generator

Grand Alliances

Warhammer Age of Sigmar Blog - Character name Generator - Order Grand Alliance


Bretonnia - COMING SOON

Darkling Aelves - COMING SOON

Daughters of Khaine - COMING SOON

Devoted of Sigmar - COMING SOON

Dispossessed - COMING SOON

Freeguild - COMING SOON


Highborn Aelves - COMING SOON

Idoneth Deepkin

Kharadron Overlords


Stormcast Eternals


Wanderers - COMING SOON

Warhammer Age of Sigmar Blog - Character name Generator - Chaos Grand Alliance


Beasts of Chaos - COMING SOON

Darkoath - COMING SOON

Khorne Daemons - COMING SOON

Khorne Bloodbound

Legion of Azgorh - COMING SOON

Nurgle Daemons - COMING SOON

Nurgle Rotbringers


Slaanesh Daemons - COMING SOON

Slaanesh Hedonites - COMING SOON

Slaves to Darkness - COMING SOON

Tzeentch Daemons - COMING SOON

Tzeentch Arcanites - COMING SOON

Warhammer Age of Sigmar Blog - Character name Generator - Destruction Grand Alliance


Beastclaw Raiders - COMING SOON

Bonesplitterz - COMING SOON


Gloomspite Gitz

Gutbusters - COMING SOON



Warhammer Age of Sigmar Blog - Character name Generator - Death Grand Alliance


Deathmages & Deathlords - COMING SOON

Deathrattle Wights - COMING SOON

Flesh-Eater Courts


Soulblight - COMING SOON

Tomb Kings - COMING SOON


Other Groups & Factions

Major Stormhosts

Hammers of Sigmar - COMING SOON

Hallowed Knights - COMING SOON

Celestial Vindicators - COMING SOON

Anvils of the Heldenhammer

Knights Excelsior - COMING SOON

Celestial Warbringers - COMING SOON

Tempest Lords - COMING SOON

Astral Templars - COMING SOON

Denizens of The Mortal Realms

Aqshy (Realm of Fire)

Azyr (Realm of Heavens) - COMING SOON

Chamon (Realm of Metal) - COMING SOON

Ghyran (Realm of Life) - COMING SOON

Ghur (Realm of Beasts) - COMING SOON

Hysh (Realm of Light) - COMING SOON

Shyish (Realm of Death) - COMING SOON

Ulgu (Realm of Shadow) - COMING SOON

Citizens of the Great Cities

Anvilgard - COMING SOON

Greywater Fastness - COMING SOON

Hallowheart - COMING SOON

Hammerhal - COMING SOON

The Living City - COMING SOON

The Phoenicium - COMING SOON

Tempest’s Eye - COMING SOON

Army Name Generators

Stormcast Eternals - Stormhosts

Sylvaneth - Wargroves