Character Name Generator - Fyreslayers

Warhammer Age of Sigmar Character Name Generator - Fyreslayers


April Is For Aqshy!

I’m so excited! Not only does today mark the launch of my Fyreslayers name generator (conveniently chosen by you guys to coincide with the release of the new Fyreslayers battletome), but it’s also a great opportunity to set all of my other name generators ablaze too!

Yes, April if for Aqshy here at the Realm of Plastic! Not only do we have the new Fyreslayers generator, but I’ve also completely overhauled my Realm of Fire name generator - the first one I ever made - and given it a handy-dandy automated generator to bring it in line with the rest.

But that’s not all! The really big news this week is that every single automated generator on the site now has an Aqshy button. I’ve added a ton of new content for every single faction, all inspired by Age of Sigmar’s Realm of Fire. If your army hails from this particular realm, you can now give them a name that perfectly suits their background.

As for this week’s poll, the theme is going to be - oh, I don’t know - let’s say daemons! Cast your vote, and I’ll see you back here next time with a brand new name generator - with it’s own Aqshy button of course! (Poll closed at midnight on Sunday 21st April 2019. Winner - Seraphon.)