Character Name Generator - Kharadron Overlords

Warhammer Age of Sigmar Character Name Generator - Kharadron Overlords


I’m back! For those who follow this project closely, and especially those who’ve been looking forward to the Kharadron Overlords character name generator, I must apologise. Between one thing and another, this generator has ended up being a number of weeks late - more on that later. But it’s here now, and I think you’re going to like it.

As with almost every other name generator I’ve made, the process of researching this faction has left me with a burning desire to start a Kharadron Overlords army, and I hope that enthusiasm comes through. They’re such a rich faction that finding inspiration for the various names and honorifics has been, if not exactly easy, then certainly a lot of fun.

The one area where I’ve felt like I needed to fill in some gaps are the first names. Generally, the names of a given faction are based to some extent on one or more real-world cultures, so it’s a straightforward matter to dip back into those cultures for further inspiration. With the Kharadron Overlords this was a little tricky, as there aren’t yet many named characters, and those that exist don’t appear to have a naming convention that’s strongly linked to any real-world culture. The only thing I was able to detect was a loose influence from historic Scandinavian cultures, so I’ve leaned heavily into that for this name generator. I hope you’ll find that this approach has captured the spirit of the flying dwarves we’ve all grown to love.

I’d like to briefly come back to the matter of the delay in posting this name generator. From the beginning I’ve always said that there’ll be a new one posted every week. For the most part I’ve been able to stick to that, but there have been two delays recently, and I anticipate more in the future. These name generators take a lot of work to put together, and sometimes other responsibilities and projects necessarily have to take priority. With that in mind, in future I won’t be committing to any specific time-frame - I’ll still do my best to get them out as frequently as possible, but they’ll come when they’re ready.

Right, that’s that! Let’s move on to more positive things - this new poll to decide the next name generator! We still need to fill out the Chaos factions, and it’s an absolute affront to the dignity of the ruinous powers that none of the dark gods have yet been covered. It’s time to fix that! Have at it! (Poll closed at midnight on Monday 1st April 2019. Winner - Nurgle Rotbringers.).

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If you use the generator and enjoy it, I’d love it if you’d leave a comment below - let me know what names you’ve come up with! And as always, feel free to share and copy it as you see fit.