What's A-Hobbyin'? - Part 1

Warhammer Age of Sigmar Hobby Blog

Welcome to What's A-Hobbyin'? - an ongoing series documenting my efforts to rugby tackle my collection of unpainted Age of Sigmar miniatures to the ground.

Some people have whole rooms full of rashly purchased miniatures that they may never get around to painting. I'm not in that extreme category, but considering I'm also a pretty slow painter my backlog has been looking pretty daunting of late. Demoralising even. In total I have 57 units, heroes, conversions and terrain pieces in various stages of incompleteness.

That's why I've decided to shake things up and make some big changes to my hobby habits. First up, no more purchases until I've made a significant dent in what I already have.

I've also made the process more fun by randomising which of my 57 jobs gets tackled next. No matter that I'm looking forward to some of them more than others - it's in the hands of the gods now! Surprises are fun! I'm trying to ensure that I make at least some time for painting every day too.

The final thing I've decided to do to stay committed and engaged is start this log to document my progress - the Realm of Plastic was after all primarily envisioned as a hobby blog. Recently it's been looking more like the Realm of Name Generators!

Under the new regime I've now completed two models - a Lord Arcanum conversion to lead my Anvilgard army and a Malevolent Maelstrom. The endless spell was done very quickly with drybrushing and washes, while I spent more time on the Lord Arcanum - he's based on the Knight Incantor model, but I think he looks grand enough to warrant a promotion!

I've also made a lot of progress on a realmgate, which represents my first ever attempt at painting an object source lighting effect. I'll have more to say about that next time.

So here we go - onwards and upwards! Who knows what I'll have completed by the next time we check in on What's A-Hobbyin'? Come back soon to find out!

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